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At Tachio, we believe internet subscription and connectivity should be easily accessible and highly affordable to everyone and not just for a few sects of privileged people only. This is why we have partnered with the four majour leading network providers in Nigeria to offer you the best yet highly affordable internet subscription packages.

We are delighted in giving the best to you. Without lies, we know there would be failed transactions sometimes (usually once a month) on our platform. This is why we have provided you with first-class and unbeatable customer support ready to listen and provide instant solutions to your immediate need. You can click on the big blue button at the bottom-right side of your screen to speak with one of our agents right now.

Which would you prefer?

Some of the reasons why people prefer us

Transaction SpeedLess than 5 Secs.Eternity 😠
Customer Support24/7Only in the morning 😴
Deposit FeeFreeRidiculous
Real-time NotificationsAlways Not important
PriceLowToo High

Uptime24/7Based on Mood

What is our vision?

Our vision is our mission. Let us share them with you

Technology is rapidly growing and in the not-so-distant future, mobile subscriptions will be more expensive with fast exhaustion. Our vision is to create an environment where everyone could easily connect to the internet with or without sim cards through WiFi in any corner of the country. We believe a concrete solution to the internet problem can lead to a significant boost in the nation’s economy. Our vision is to also create technical empowerment/skills for both youth and adults because we believe that internet connection + the right skillset = success.

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